Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass Download Full Game PC For Free

Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass Download Full Game PC For Free


Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass Game PC is an exhilarating first-person shooter video game developed by Croteam and published by Devolver Digital. Released in 2020, it is the latest installment in the iconic Serious Sam series, known for its intense action, hordes of enemies, and over-the-top weaponry. “Planet Badass” takes the series to new heights, offering players a visually stunning, action-packed experience on an epic scale.Set in the 22nd century, the game’s narrative follows the protagonist, Sam “Serious” Stone, as he leads the Earth Defense Force (EDF) in a battle against the malevolent extraterrestrial forces known as the Mental Horde. The story takes players on an intergalactic journey, spanning multiple planets, and introduces a range of new characters and enemies to the series. As Sam, players must confront the Mental Horde’s relentless onslaught, uncover the truth about their invasion, and ultimately save humanity.

Planet Badass” is its impressive visual design. The game offers a vast and detailed world that stretches across various planets, including lush forests, barren wastelands, futuristic cities, and alien landscapes. The game’s environments are beautifully rendered, with dynamic weather effects and a wide variety of locales to explore. Whether you’re battling foes on the streets of a besieged city or navigating a dense forest teeming with hostile creatures, the game’s visuals are sure to leave a lasting impression.In terms of gameplay, “Planet Badass” delivers the classic Serious Sam experience, amped up to new levels. The game features fast-paced, run-and-gun action that’s synonymous with the series. Sam is armed with a vast arsenal of outlandish weapons, including classics like the double-barreled shotgun, minigun, and rocket launcher, as well as a host of new and imaginative tools of destruction.

Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass Full Game PC For Free

One of the standout features of “Planet Badass” is its massive enemy count. The game throws hordes of foes at the player, sometimes numbering in the hundreds. From headless kamikazes sprinting towards you with bombs in hand to biomechanical monstrosities and towering bosses, the game continually ups the ante in terms of enemy variety and ferocity. This overwhelming onslaught is a hallmark of the series, creating an intense and thrilling experience that will test your reflexes and strategic thinking.The game also introduces new enemies that add depth to the gameplay. Players will face off against enemies like the Processed, zombie-like creatures infected by Mental’s technology, and the Belcher, a grotesque beast that spews corrosive acid. Each new enemy type requires different tactics to defeat, adding a layer of complexity to the combat and keeping players on their toes.

The cooperative multiplayer mode is another highlight of “Planet Badass.” It supports up to four players in online co-op, allowing friends to join forces and take on the Mental Horde together. The cooperative experience is a blast, as teamwork and coordination are essential to surviving the onslaught of enemies. Additionally, the game offers a variety of game modes, including Survival, Versus, and the fan-favorite Horde mode, providing players with plenty of opportunities to test their skills and compete with friends.While the game’s frenetic action and challenging combat are its main attractions, “Planet Badass” also injects humor into the storyline and dialogue. Sam Stone is known for his one-liners and witty banter, which provide moments of levity amidst the chaos. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, and this self-aware humor is part of its charm.


Serious Sam 4 boasts impressive visuals that take full advantage of modern hardware. The game features beautifully detailed environments that range from picturesque European cities to desolate war zones. The landscapes are expansive and immersive, and the game makes use of advanced lighting, physics, and particle effects to create a visually stunning experience.The character and enemy designs are highly imaginative and often grotesque, contributing to the game’s unique and quirky aesthetic. The game’s graphics help bring the over-the-top nature of the series to life, and you’ll find yourself in awe of the chaos and destruction happening all around you. The battles in Planet Badass can be truly epic, and the adrenaline rush from mowing down hundreds of enemies is a hallmark of the Serious Sam experience.


Intense, Run-and-Gun Gameplay:

  • “Serious Sam 4” stays true to the series’ roots with fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action. Players must continuously move, dodge, and eliminate hordes of enemies from all directions.

Massive Enemy Count:

  • One of the signature features of the series is the sheer number of enemies on screen. “Planet Badass” takes this to the extreme, with swarms of foes numbering in the hundreds, creating chaotic and challenging combat encounters.

Diverse Weapons Arsenal:

  • Sam is equipped with a wide array of over-the-top weapons, including classics like shotguns, miniguns, and rocket launchers, as well as new, creatively designed tools of destruction. The weapons are satisfying to use and add depth to the combat experience.

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Varied Environments:

  • The game features diverse and visually stunning environments, ranging from lush forests and barren wastelands to futuristic cities and alien landscapes. Each location offers unique challenges and opportunities for combat.

Cooperative Multiplayer:

  • “Planet Badass” supports online cooperative multiplayer for up to four players. Friends can join forces to take on the Mental Horde, adding a cooperative element to the action.

New and Returning Enemies:

  • The game introduces new enemy types like the Processed, infected by Mental’s technology, and the Belcher, a grotesque acid-spewing monster. Familiar foes from previous “Serious Sam” games also make a return.

System Requirement:

  • Operating system: Win XP 32
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 1.8 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3600+
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6380G or NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra
  • System memory: 1GB RAM
  • Storage: 5 GB of hard disk space
  • DirectX 9 compatible graphics card

How To Download?

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  • Once the installation is finished, you can use Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass PC for nothing.

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